Look Like the Star that You Are!

Are you starting out as a new model and looking for a fashion, commercial and/or glamor photographer to shoot your model portfolio/composite card/model book? Are you a music artist, actor/actress or dancer looking for a professional talent portfolio? Or are you a talent agency signed model looking to update your existing model portfolio and further your modeling career? Are you a model agent looking for a fashion photographer to shoot their new faces in development?

Look At You ATL is comprised of various experienced and mutli-talented model portfolio building photographers in Atlanta, GA all of whom shoots many different styles and genres. Our team of photographers knows how to bring out the best in a new talent and how to give the right posing guidance and tips.

For a professional portfolio you will need a variety of different looks. Do you think you have the potential to be in the visual world of entertainment? Maybe you don’t want to be a model, actor or music artist but you just want a set of images that makes you look like one. Our Portfolio Building Photo Shoots lets you experience how it is to be a fashion model or entertainer and gives you high quality portfolio images that could open the doors for you in the awesome world of entertainment even if you have never had a professional photo shoot before.

Get The Pictures You've Always Wanted!

Whatever your needs are be it business, casual, intimate, memorable, fun and/or personal, Look At You ATL will exceed your expectations and provide you with the type of pictures, video footage, graphics, and prints that you have always wanted. We proudly service the entire Metro Atlanta, GA area. 

Branding Your Business Through Photography


How a business presents itself can be the difference between success and failure. How you visually brand your business will greatly affect a buyer’s decision whether to work with you or not. Visual marketing rules today’s digital marketplace. 

Let Our Styling Department Enhance You Into Perfection!

Sometimes the importance of a makeup artist to a photo shoot is often overlooked.  Many times we see so-called professional pictures that are missing professional makeup and hair.  Without professional makeup and hair pictures look incomplete.  If you really want to take your pictures to the next level it is important to have a complete team. 

We understand that people want to save a buck, often at the expense of professional makeup, hair, and sometimes even photographers. What we really want new clients to understand is that you have to pay for quality.  You are only as strong as your team. Makeup is a vital part of any photo shoot, and it is obvious when you do it yourself or have an unqualified friend do it for you.  It is safe to say the cover model of Italian Vogue did not bring her friend along to do her makeup.

We have even heard some photographers say that they prefer no makeup because they like to photo shop it themselves.  Photo-shopped makeup looks just like it sounds…very unnatural.  Good makeup artists actually save the photographer lots of time in post production.  Why would I, the photographer, want to spend all that time adding makeup in photo shop and fixing flaws and imperfections when a makeup artist can do that for you?

The Family is One of Nature's Masterpieces


Whether you would like to have portraits created of your immediate family or a large extended family group, we can provide you with timeless artwork custom designed for display in your home as well as gift portraits, portrait albums, or digital files for keepsakes and sharing with loved ones.

With this in mind, we create beautiful images to treasure now and as they become a part of your family’s history. Our style is Fresh Classic, incorporating the timeless artistic elements of classic portraiture with the modern addition of relaxed expressions and gestures, vibrant colors, and alternative camera angles.


Capturing the Moment!


Live event photography is the art of capturing the moment, without removing the subject from it. Being able to catch the emotion or atmosphere of whats happening, most of the time whilst being unnoticed, is part of my key skills.

Having a lasting memory for your event is a worthy investment. Our live event photography offers a great opportunity to capture those special moments, which can then be used to in a variety of ways to showcase your event.


Two Hearts that Beat as One


If you want stunning shots of your wedding, with every detail captured with precision and grace as if the shots came from a magazine fashion spread, Look At You ATL is right for you.

Finding your ideal wedding photographer is hard work, requiring a substantial investment of time and energy. Everything must be perfect for your special day…and within your budget.

What we deliver

At Look At You ATL, photography consumes our lives. Our purpose is delivering the perfect images.


Relax and Let Your Photographer Direct You on How to Take Pictures Like a STAR

Look at the camera as if it were a person. Convey emotion with your expression, tell a story on your face, make me wonder what you're thinking.

Working with new models, so much of the editing process is finding a combination of good composition and a decent expression. We work with new talents to avoid doing looks like they are just smiling to the camera or have no depth to their expression. 

Look At You ATL's photographers, are great directors and will be able to coach you through this. They've worked with many models who have told them that that they are unique in that they actually direct the talent. When asked if other photographers they've worked with do the same, they say they just keep clicking the camera. Sounds painful to us.

As far as "poses" go it's really up to what you're shooting. Catalog fashion is a big posing affair. Catalog models go from one pose to another and it's click, click, click. But they're selling clothes not atmosphere. I always tell new models to think of it more like a video. You need to keep moving and not wait for me to click. You need to play a role that isn't bracketed by frames. So for example as a commercial or "lifestyles" model it's not at all about posing but acting while being conscious of your body.

Lose your inhibitions.

Look at it this way -- we, the photographers of Look At You ATL, are like the conductor of an orchestra.  You, the model, are the musician.  No matter how good the conductor may be, the musician must be adept at utilizing their instrument -- their body.  Since we are great conductors, we will be able to pull a better performance out of an inexperienced musician.

Some photographers haven't got a clue -- they just shoot and get lucky now and then (or not!). We like to pride ourselves as being truly gifted at drawing out the best of our subjects.